What is RC-Aid?

RC-Aid is a web-based application to assist in red cell antibody identification, available by yearly subscription.

We take a dual approach -

1) for hospital transfusion services and rapid response laboratories, RC-Aid is a red blood cell antibody identification tool with powerful color coded analysis based on results and an ePanel for paperless storage and electronic distribution.  

2) for reference laboratories, RC-Aid is a tool for frozen media management with the ultimate in flexible query capabilities by any mix of antigens and ABO compatibility.    

All laboratories can see the antibody identifications that have been completed and are in process at a glance. 

What are the advantages of RC-Aid for the hospital labs?

RC-Aid streamlines our antibody identification in a number of ways.

It lets you generate a specialized panel of cells in a fraction of the time it would take to manually choose cells from manufacturer antigrams. Easier selection of the best cells to test means fewer cells to run for ruling out additional antibodies.

Because all of your selected cells are on one worksheet, evaluation and review is simplified, saving time and effort. You can enter your test results into RC-Aid for color coded analysis of the homozygous ruleouts, as well as ruleins and counts of the homozygous and heterozygous ruleouts. To finish the ePanel click additional cells to designate the homozygous and heterozygous ruleouts (if needed--RC-Aid designates the homozygous and heterozygous ruleouts during its analysis), enter worksheet comments, test additional cells and close the worksheet as completed.

Any user can view an ePanel, but only the creating user can add to or modify it. Anyone authorized to review can now view the ePanel from any PC, add or modify ruleout markings, enter review comments and close the worksheet as reviewed. The electronic worksheet can be saved in the hospital computer files and distributed via email (in addition to being viewed on RC-Aid). Your lab's antibody identifications (completed and in process) are available at a glance and for in depth viewing from any PC. 

What are the advantages of RC-Aid for the reference labs?

In addition to the advantages listed for hospital labs, RC-Aid helps the reference labs both select cells for testing and manage their frozen media.  A free style antigen table provides nearly unlimited possibilities for searching for the best cells for testing, quickly and easily.  Powerful report generating allows for easy inventory documentation and listing of cells for reordering.   

How do I know my lab's computer system will work with RC-Aid?

RC-AID is a Web-based application, so any computer with Internet access and Adobe Reader can run RC-Aid. No installation is necessary.  

Web based, Does that mean my inventory isn’t my own?

No. When you log into RC-Aid, you access and control your own unique database. You determine which cells are listed, how they are displayed, when they are deleted from your inventory and other user-defined functions.   

What else can RC-Aid do?

RC-Aid has options that allow you to

  • create antibody identification coversheets
  • run ruleout analysis of your selections before testing
  • create reports of your red cell inventory.  

How does RC-Aid support frozen media?

RC-Aid has an add-on that helps the reference lab manage their frozen media.  The add-on provides

  • the ability to maintain cells according to site specific criteria
  • testing comments that appear on the worksheet
  • a site download of your inventory for backup
  • running comments for documentation/history of a frozen cell
  • ability to retire a cell and retain history
  • easy updating - to enter a duplicate frozen cell, simply enter the donor and location
  • reports by supplier, location or antigen for managing inventory and meeting regulatory requirements 

What suppliers and panels can be used with RC-Aid?

RC-Aid supports all panels for the following suppliers: Biotest, Immucor, Medion/Gri, Ortho, and Quotient.  If you would like support for an additional supplier or a desired panel is missing, contact support@rcaid.net with your request.  In addition you can manually enter panels and cells.   

Which suppliers and panels have their panels pre-loaded into RC-Aid's master file?  How long do the

RC-Aid's master file contains the red cell panels of the following suppliers: Biotest, Immucor, Medion/Grifols, Ortho and Quotient.  The panels remain in the master file for six (6) months.  The panels include all special antigens provided by each supplier.  To copy those panels into your inventory, click on <Import Lots> under <Inventory>, locate the needed lot and click on <Import This Lot>. 

Does RC-Aid support special antigens?

 Yes, RC-Aid provides the ability to manage an infinite number of special antigens as well as ABO.  In fact, when you copy an antigen profile from the RC-Aid master file it includes the special antigens provided by that manufacturer.  Plus reference labs can define rare cell typings which are specific to the lab's site.  

What type of rule out analysis does RC-Aid do?

RC-Aid provides 2 types of analysis.

Preanalytical - After selecting cells for testing, click on Pretesting Analysis for counts of homozygous and heterozygous ruleouts before testing.  Select the previously identified or suspected antibody(ies) to eliminate those cells from the analysis.  

Postanalytical - Go to ePanel for analysis of ruleouts and ruleins based on testing results.  As each phase reaction is entered, a color-coded breakdown is triggered to show 1) antigens with two or more homozygous ruleouts, 2) antigens with one homozygous ruleout and 3) antigens with NO homozygous ruleouts.  In addition cells reacting with positive expressions are highlighted to demonstrate antigens following the reaction pattern or needing additional ruleouts.  The homozygous and heterozygous ruleout counts are also displayed.  Analysis is done on up to three test-run phases. 

Are the results of the analysis and/or worksheet saved?


RC-Aid ePanels are saved and accessed from the ePanel Status List.  The testing user can open, edit and add cells to a test run in progress.  After a test run is closed, no additions or edits are allowed.  RC-Aid supports eight (8) test phases.  Any user can view a test run, whether in progress or closed, but only authorized reviewers can edit ruleout designations and add review comments  After review, the ePanel can 1) remain on the ePanel Status List, 2) be saved as a PDF file and/or 3) printed.  

Worksheets without reaction results can be saved as PDF files, allowing sites to create custom panels for common antibody testing.    

Color coded analysis screens cannot be saved.

How do I know RC-Aid is any good?

 RC-AID is based on a model in use since 2001 at a 12-site hospital system and has been on the market for ten (10) years. RC-Aid was designed by a medical technologist with the bench technician and your lab's business needs in mind, along with features that make it an invaluable resource for reference labs, transfusion services and rapid response labs. 

What validation documents are available for RC-Aid?

BBK provides three validation documents. 1) A validation plan to check off the features you want to implement, which can be submitted for approval. 2) Once your plan is approved, insert screen shots in our validation document (cross referenced to the validation plan). 3) A Validation Training Checklist is supplied to document the training of staff on RC-Aid.  

BBK offers three additional documents to help you get RC-Aid up and running quickly. 1) An implementation checklist 2) A sample procedure manual 3) A user manual. 


What hardware and software do I need to use RC-Aid?

RC-AID is accessed via the internet or your departmental intranet using a web browser.  It supports the following browsers - Internet Explorer (8 and above is recommended since 7 provides a slower response time), Firefox, and Chrome.  The worksheet and reports also require Adobe Reader. In addition, your monitor should support 1024 X 768 pixels. For a hard copy of the worksheet, you will also need a printer.


Has RC-Aid been cleared by the FDA?

Yes, RC-Aid has 510(k) clearance. 

I'm already using another system. Do I have to re-enter my frozen inventory into RC-AID?

No, RC-Aid can perform a one-time conversion of inventory from a pre-defined data file format. The conversion should be done as the first step when setting up your inventory.  Contact admin@rcaid.net, or call 602.717.8888 for information about a one-time conversion. 

Is my inventory backed up?

Yes, the RC-Aid database and system are backed up each night.  In the event there is a hardware failure and the database is lost, it would be restored to the copy made the previous evening. 

In addition, we recommend each reference lab with frozen inventory in RC-Aid create a local backup by exporting your inventory under Inventory Reports.  Your local backup, which is most easily accessed through Excel, can also be used in the event you lose Internet access.

Is my data secure?


There are several features that ensure your inventory and data are secure.  

All RC-Aid logins are encrypted through the SSL (Secure Sockets Layers) process.  This means no one can decipher your staff's passwords as they log on.  

1. https with AES-128 encryption at connection.  

2. RC-Aid resides on a Microsoft Azure server with an enhanced firewall.

3.  Access levels. The application has different levels of security.  Each login/password determines what area(s) the employee is authorized to access.  In RC-Aid the levels of access include 1) administrator, 2) inventory management, 3) ePanel review, and 4) med tech user. 

4.  Automatic log-off.  RC-Aid automatically logs the user off after a designated period of time.

5. Your stored patient data is encrypted on the database.

6. The last piece of security is based on your staff's use of strong passwords.  This is especially true of any staff member with authorization to update your inventory.  See our Troubleshooting Tips for the current guidelines on creating a strong password.  Contact us at sales@rcaid.net.  

Can I try RC-AID before I buy?

You can try RC-AID for 30 days free of charge before deciding if RC-Aid is right for you.  We also offer demos via web conferences upon request. 

My hospital system has several labs. How many subscriptions do I need?

Each subscription supports an unlimited number of users and workstations.  Because RC-Aid is a database of your red cell inventory, a new subscription is required for each unique inventory. 

Who is BBK Technology?

BBK Technology is comprised of a partnership between: Kay Averkamp, IT/business; Bonnie Averkamp, Medical Technology/Support; Annie Schuttey, Medical Technology/Support and Jeff Stephenson, Quality. Each partner has over 30 years experience in their field.    

My how much does RC-Aid cost?

BBK offers a tiered pricing structure based on site usage requirements.  Sites performing less than ten (10) antibody IDs a week qualify for the small site subscription rate.  Sites performing ten or more antibody IDs a week would pay a large site annual subscription rate.  Each laboratory location with its own inventory requires a separate subscription.  The subscription fee includes the ability to download antigrams from ALL suppliers in the master file.  (RC-Aid currently provides antigrams for the following suppliers - Biotest, Immucor-Gamma, Medion, Ortho and Quotient.)  The RC-Aid Frozen Media Management add-on has an additional annual subscription fee.  Contact BBK Technology at admin@rcaid.net or 602.717.8888 for the annual subscription rate.    

How can I subscribe to RC-Aid?

You can subscribe by submitting your payment or purchase order. Once received your website is set up immediately, often the same day.

Checks should be made payable to BBK Technology. Purchase orders should indicate BBK Technology as the vendor.

Mail Payments To:BBK Technology
2910 E Highland Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85016  

Our tax ID number is 26-3556527.

For subscription assistance or to email purchase orders, contact BBK administration at admin@RCAid.net or call 602.717.8888.